Liberty Baptist Academy


Sunday School: 10:00 | Sunday Service: 11:00 | Sunday evening: 6:00 | Wednesday Night: 7:00

Liberty Baptist Academy

Liberty Baptist Academy is operated out of Liberty Baptist Tabernacle. We are affiliated with the South Dakota Association of Christian Schools, and are approved by the State of South Dakota, though not under their accreditation category. This is by our choice, not the State’s.

We offer courses of study from K-12. Liberty Baptist Academy is one of over 4000 schools using the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) program.

We believe that Christian character is the most important quality for any school to teach; therefore, more emphasis is placed on teaching students to be right with God above making high marks in academics. Who one is will determine what one does! With that being stated, LBA students consistently score in the upper percentile of academic testing.

Liberty Baptist Academy is a strong patriotic school. It is certain that America was founded on Biblical principles, and those principles will be a part of the program of our Academy.

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