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Do you Have an upcoming outreach or community event...or need something to include in your visitor packets?

consider using our John/Romans Booklets

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If you would like to order any amount of John/Romans booklets, please call or send me an email, and we will get your order started right away!


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If you would like to provide a one-time gift to Lighthouse Baptist Press, click on the Give button at the top right hand corner of the page. We have three separate funds set up (paper, equipment upgrade, shipping). Any amount you feel led to give will be a tremendous blessing to our ministry, and will help us offset our overall expenses (**additional fees apply for using this on-line service).

Lighthouse Baptist Press History

On Sunday, August 25, 1985, Bearing Precious Seed Missionary, Dennis Deneau visited our church for the evening service. He presented the Biblical concept of Scripture production by local churches. This was the first time this concept had ever been presented to our church. Bro. Deneau showed that God gave His Word to churches for reproduction, not to book publishing houses and bookstores. That evening a new vision was born at Liberty Baptist Tabernacle. That vision has become a reality with the Lighthouse Baptist Press Ministry coming into existence.

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  • messages from our founding pastor  WHY WE PRINT JOHN AND ROMANS BOOKLETS

    These messages are from Pastor H. Wayne Williams, and were recorded in 2004.

    Message # 1

    Message # 2 

    We never charge for the Word of God to be produced or assembled!  We print John and Roman booklets for missionaries and church planters, and for our seedline churches to help us assemble.  Every Monday and Tuesday we meet at the press to print, assemble, trim and staple booklets, and then we ship them – at all no cost to the missionary, church planter, or seedline church.

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    Seedline Ministry

    The following local churches are assisting us in sending the Gospel to needy souls worldwide. These churches help collate, staple, trim, and box tens of thousands of John & Romans booklets every year for missionaries and church planters.  Grace Baptist Church, Mitchell, SD | Eastside Baptist Church, Sioux Falls, SD | Mountainview Baptist Church, Custer, SD | Foothills Baptist Church, Loveland, CO | Tomah Baptist Church, Tomah, WI | Faith Baptist Church, Carrington, ND

    Video of How We Box Booklets

    This video is for our Seedline ministries to show how we typically box our John/Romans booklets. Amounts may vary depending on the booklet size, but the main emphasis is being consistent with how many booklets go into each box.
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    Latest Lighthouse Press Video

    This video is in three parts and explains the History of the press, the Call of our current Press Operator and Director, and provides a brief look at Press Operations. The embedded video at the end of the presentation is used by permission of First Bible International.
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    2020 Philippine Trip

    Click on the link below to see a short video of our recent printing project for, and mission trip to, the Philippines.
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